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posted 05.29.11

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posted 05.25.11
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Game of Thrones S01E05

If one of my kind followers could provide me a link for this episode, I would greatly appreciate it. 

I’m unable to torrent, due to my laptop being on the fritz, and it’s unacceptable that I’m an episode behind. 

posted 05.22.11

From the days when Adult Swim ruled night time television. 

posted 05.22.11

In hardcover, as it should be. 

Thank you, Bedrock City Comics. My bookshelf appreciates your sales.

I also picked up a copy of Batman & Son by Grant Morrison. Figured I’d give the fellow a shot. I’ve heard many mixed reviews about his comics, so I’ll try not to hope for the best. 

posted 05.13.11

Katharine Hepburn in Sylvia Scarlett 

I spent my morning watching this, while drinking a pot of coffee and slowly folding laundry. 

Note to self, watch out for TCM. It could get addicting. 

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posted 05.12.11
What a joke.

I need to find something to do on the side.

But what?

All work and no play is making me very dull. 

I’ve been terribly distant from the internet, hoping something will come to me.

Nothing so far. 

posted 05.08.11


Cue the plucky commercial-break music. :D

This just made my night. 

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posted 05.06.11

My goodness, this man is attractive in Thor. 

I am convinced he has perfect facial hair. 

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posted 05.06.11

I much prefer the UK edition over the one released in America.  

First of all, the U.S. copy is labeled as a novel. I walked into reading this book treating it as such. After six hundred pages, I was pulling out my hair because I had no idea how Cronin would wrap up that complex of a story. 

Several days later, I’m told it is the first book in a trilogy. 

Gee, that explains so much. 

Pick up a paperback copy, which is due on May 17th, from your local bookstore. Cronin is a masterful storyteller that transports you to a different time forced into a new lifestyle. 

As for my next read, I picked up a copy of The Magicians by Lev Grossman. I’m already falling in love with the characters. It’s only been twenty pages, and I feel like I have met new friends. 

posted 05.06.11